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San Diego Pool Leak Detection

A leak detection service is the first step in finding and fixing your swimming pool leak. Our highly trained technicians will perform an extensive and thorough inspection of your entire pool and spa system. Our precise techniques will pinpoint even the smallest leak in your pools structure and/or plumbing system. Upon completion you will receive our detailed 'Leak Detection Report' outlining the status of your pool and spa including any issues we may find. With this report you will have all the information needed to start any necessary repair, including our suggested options. We always try to offer multiple options for our customers and find a solution that will fit your budget. Keep in mind your pool will lose water due to evaporation and normal use. To be certain your pool is leaking, perform our Simple Bucket Test

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San Diego Pool Leak Detection
Pool Leak Listining Device

Electronic Leak detection / Listining devices

At San Diego Leak Specialists, we are equipped with the most advanced leak detection tools on planet earth. With our high powered electronic equipment and listening devices, whether your leak is in the structure or underground plumbing, we will be able to pinpoint its exact location.

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Swimming Pool Dye Testing

Dye testing and visual inspection

Sometimes low tech is the way to go. At San Diego Leak Specialists we are not afraid to get in the water and find your pool leak. Dye testing is not a fancy method but is very effective if done right. Dye testing is especially useful when combined with our electronic methods. Our technicians are well trained in this method and will meticulously inspect your pool to locate the leak.

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Swimming Pool Pressure Testing

Swimming Pool Pressure Testing

Pressure testing is the best way to know for sure if a pipe has a leak. This is very useful during the leak detection process. It is also incredibly useful when remodeling or buying a home to be sure your entire plumbing system is leak free.

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