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San Diego Pool Leak Detection

A leak detection service is the first step in finding and fixing your swimming pool leak. Our highly trained technicians will perform an extensive and thorough inspection of your entire pool and spa system. Our precise techniques will pinpoint even the smallest leak in your pools structure and/or plumbing system. Upon completion you will receive our detailed 'Leak Detection Report' outlining the status of your pool and spa including any issues we may find. With this report you will have all the information needed to start any necessary repair, including our suggested options. We always try to offer multiple options for our customers and find a solution that will fit your budget. Keep in mind your pool will lose water due to evaporation and normal use. To be certain your pool is leaking, perform our Simple Bucket Test – Click Here For Bucket Test Information

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San Diego Pool Leak Detection

San Diego Pool Leak Repair

Upon completion of your leak detection and review of your 'Leak Detection Report', it's time for the next step, the repair. Almost all of the repairs we perform are inexpensive and can be completed on the same visit without ever draining your pool. In the event that the issue is too large for us to handle, we will refer you to one of our industry leading partners who can tackle even the most extensive repairs. Our partners are highly trained professionals and have the same commitment to service and integrity that we strive for. Knowing the right person for the job is very important for your wallet and your piece of mind. We understand this and will guide you through this stressful process.

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San Diego Pool Leak Detection

San Diego Swimming Pool Inspections

When buying or selling a home it is important to know the status of your pool and spa. At San Diego Leak Specialists we work with home owners, buyers and real estate agents, offering detailed inspections of your pool, spa and full plumbing system. Our Inspection report will outline in detail the status of the structure and all operating components including any leaks or issues we may find. If needed, we will also give our recommendations for any necessary repairs.

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San Diego Pool Leak Detection

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