La Jolla Swimming Pool Leak Detection, Repair and Inspections

If you need La Jolla pool repair or a swimming pool leak detection give us a call. We are your local experts and will get your leak detected and fixed in no time.

La Jolla Swimming Pool Leak Detection

If your pool is loosing more than 1/4" of water every day you might have a leak. Our La Jolla pool leak detection service will quickly locate any leak in your pool or plumbing system. We are so sure we will find your pool leak that we even guarantee it. If we can't find your pool leak the service is free! Click here for more information on Swimming pool leak detection

La Jolla Pool Repair

If and when we do find the leak in your pool, it is very important to get if fixed in a timely manner. We offer La Jolla inground pool repair that is fast, inexpensive and reliable. The best part is we work under water so there is no need to drain your pool and waste all that water. Click here for more information on Swimming pool leak repair

La Jolla Swimming Pool Inspections

Anyone buying or selling a home with a pool in La Jolla, should really think about getting a Swimming pool inspection. If the pool has unseen leaks or issues that go unfixed the problem can become much worse. A leaking pool can cause thousands of dollars of damage to not only your pool but also your home and property. Call us today to set up a La Jolla swimming pool inspection and get some piece of mind.

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La Jolla Pool Leak Repair